Stop relying on projects to improve adaptability in your people

Have you ever wondered why most people who’ve been through lots of projects aren’t more open to the idea of change?

The world is becoming increasingly complex and uncertain. Raising your Adaptability Intelligence is essential for survival and growth. But that isn’t going to happen just by doing more projects. Because projects are designed to change what people do, now how they think and feel about change itself.

To develop our relationship with change, we must overcome our primal self-preservation instinct to resist. Not easy when even our super-computer neo-cortex struggles to learn how to see change differently. In other words, it’s no 5 minute job, and it’s a task no project can afford to take on.

But there is an alternative approach:

You can raise your Adaptability Intelligence by learning the art and science of how to deal with your basic fears and anxieties. And from there you can raise it further still by understanding the personal benefits of embracing change.

A higher Adaptability Intelligence is the most effective way for an organisation to develop its culture and deliver its strategy. And here’s why:

If people can manage how they think and feel about change, they can change anything.

The chances are that your external environment is moving faster than your internal environment. Your best defence is to raise your Adaptability Intelligence, because most of what you already know has a shelf-life.

If you’d like to know more about Adaptability Intelligence, please get in touch, and I look forward to connecting with you soon!