Adaptability Intelligence will lift you up where you belong in 2021

The Ultimate Question

In days of yore and yesteryear Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes won just about every award going for asking ‘who knows what tomorrow brings?’ 140 million Spotify downloads later, it’s a question that’s particularly apposite today. Because of the loopy-nut fruit-cake heartbreaking head-in-your-hands year we had last year, we actually need to be having an even bigger voyage into the unknown this year.

And here’s why:

If 2020 was the year of change we didn’t want, 2021 has to be the year of even more change that we do want. Otherwise we’re just going backwards.

Only a change mindset is guaranteed to be relevant

18 months ago most of us didn’t know we needed a Covid-19 vaccine. 12 months ago most of us didn’t think we’d have one by now. But even with all this unplanned disruption, you don’t need to be a licensed soothsayer to see that there is one thing you can do that’s guaranteed to be relevant and valuable, whatever happens next year. And that is to develop in your people the curiosity to seek out change, and the courage to make it happen, and happen quickly.
Last year we certainly travelled far from the world we know. And this year we certainly all want to head where the clear winds blow (see what I did there?)

So here’s the point:

Those who can raise their adaptability intelligence in this new era of uber-turbulence won’t just get there faster, they’ll get there in better shape than they are today, whatever tomorrow brings. Stay safe and stay well. Just don’t stay still!