Change: the fastest way to find out who we are

12-2015 |

Change is almost entirely a team sport. And the higher the change challenge, the more it will either bring a team together like a pride of lions, or scatter it like a herd of hunted zebra. That’s because teams are built on trust, and when the going gets tough, the tough get judgmental. When we […]

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Collaboration – the compelling case for change

11-2015 |

Corporate survival relies on the delivery of the all-new whizz-bang customer experience. And the most critical factor in determining the success of that delivery is the motivation of the people involved. In other words, every organisation has the same top 2 priorities: staying relevant to customers, and engaging staff. Relentlessly focusing first on these objectives […]

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Can’t, Won’t Couldn’t, Shouldn’t

10-2015 |

The title above forms the motto that sits under a protective shield on a coat of arms. It represents those people everywhere who, it seems, just won’t change; they are all rock and no roll, and their favourite band is Status Quo… Mastering Change, like mastering anything else, is a journey, and the first steps in […]

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