What Trump and Brexit showed us about how we handle fear

01-2018 |

There is no ‘i’ in team (but there is in America and Britain) Across America and the UK, one of the key drivers that made people vote for Donald Trump and Brexit was a sense of fear. Specifically, a fear of immigrants and meddling foreigners. Both of these United Nations members decided that they would […]

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How to walk the fine line between delegation and abdication

09-2017 |

If leadership is the ability to get things done through people, then my dog’s an ace leader. When he stands by the back door I open it, and when he barks I let him back in. Pavlov himself could not have trained me better. He’s a pretty smart delegator too, having figured out that a) […]

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Discover what drives silo mentality – get both sides of this story

08-2017 |

Good fences can make good neighbours because they let everyone know where they stand (and where they don’t), and when they mutually benefit  both parties, can foster good relations. And yet those who erect (physical or cultural) walls within the workplace get accused of creating ‘silos’. And architects seem intent on breaking down the actual […]

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Why wait until the platform is burning?

05-2017 |

The ‘burning platform’ metaphor was created by change consultant Darryl Conner following the Piper Alpha oil platform disaster which claimed the lives of 167 people, on July 6th 1988. The day before, I had bid a very fond farewell to colleagues in Aberdeen – the UK hub for North Sea oil exploration – having completed […]

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