Why wait until the platform is burning?

05-2017 |

The ‘burning platform’ metaphor was created by change consultant Darryl Conner following the Piper Alpha oil platform disaster which claimed the lives of 167 people, on July 6th 1988. The day before, I had bid a very fond farewell to colleagues in Aberdeen – the UK hub for North Sea oil exploration – having completed […]

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When your brain doesn’t want you to think

04-2017 |

The Chinese ‘Sunway TaihuLight’ is currently the world’s fastest supercomputer, capable of processing 93,000 trillion calculations per second. Even so, it would take several minutes for it to process what 1% of the human brain can do in 1 second. The Sunway TaihuLight is twice as fast as the previous no.1, demonstrating that the computers […]

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Adaptability: the corporate art of improv

03-2017 |

There are two ways to tackle an increasingly uncertain future: One way is to plan as much as you can. Lock yourself away with your best and brightest strategists, analysts, and economists until you have a document so comprehensive it could crush a coffee table. There are a few problems with this approach: It takes […]

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Brave the storm

02-2017 |

If you are fortunate enough to be sailing through calm waters, still prepare your crew to have the mental strength and agility to adapt to the storm that lies ahead. […]

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