Be like nature – select for adaptability

03-2019 |

Something doesn’t add up Nobody in the history of recruitment has ever put ‘doesn’t adapt well to change’ on their CV, even though the human brain is hard-wired to resist change. Too many people lack the counter-intuitive skills required to overcome that primal instinct to perceive all change as the Big Bad Wolf, even when […]

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Are you making the most of your freedom?

11-2018 |

  A couple of weeks ago I was in the Somme, standing at the base of a war memorial that towered above me. As I approached, it had struck me at first as being too ‘grand’ for its sombre purpose – as if it were a celebration of General Haig’s questionable ‘grand’ plan for a […]

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Discover why raising your adaptability intelligence is a matter of life and death

08-2018 |

The marriage of births and deaths British bureaucracy is not well known for its sense of humour. But someone in Westminster was clearly having a laugh when they decided to integrate the offices for registering births and deaths. Maybe they thought it would be fun to incorporate the link between life and death into public […]

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Discover why the first thing you need to change is your workforce

07-2018 |

A not-very-helping hand I recently caught up with a progressive Client Relationship Manager who had just come from a meeting with Noall (not his real name), one of her customer CEOs. Knowing that she was meeting me next, she thought to ask him one of my favourite questions: ‘How do you prepare your people for […]

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