Stop relying on projects to improve adaptability in your people

01-2020 |

Have you ever wondered why most people who’ve been through lots of projects aren’t more open to the idea of change? The world is becoming increasingly complex and uncertain. Raising our ‘Change Intelligence’ is essential for survival and growth. But that isn’t going to happen just by doing more projects. Because projects are designed to […]

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Be like nature – select for adaptability

03-2019 |

Something doesn’t add up Nobody in the history of recruitment has ever put ‘doesn’t adapt well to change’ on their CV, even though the human brain is hard-wired to resist change. Too many people lack the counter-intuitive skills required to overcome that primal instinct to perceive all change as the Big Bad Wolf, even when […]

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Are you making the most of your freedom?

11-2018 |

  A couple of weeks ago I was in the Somme, standing at the base of a war memorial that towered above me. As I approached, it had struck me at first as being too ‘grand’ for its sombre purpose – as if it were a celebration of General Haig’s questionable ‘grand’ plan for a […]

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Discover why improving adaptability is a matter of life and death

08-2018 |

The marriage of births and deaths British bureaucracy is not well known for its sense of humour. But someone in Westminster was clearly having a laugh when they decided to integrate the offices for registering births and deaths. Maybe they thought it would be fun to incorporate the link between life and death into public […]

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