High Performance Change Specialist

Rich has been leading change with some of the world’s most innovative organisations for over 25 years, in roles that have included CEO of a multi-national, head of a 1b euro supply chain, and founder of the High Performance Change Programme. Having worked as a change manager, a programme manager, and a change sponsor, he has direct experience of the challenges organisations face when they only prepare people for change on a project-by-project basis. That led him to discover that change isn’t just a process, it’s a form of intelligence. And having seen the effects of how that re-positioning of change helps organisations become match-fit for continuous change, Rich is on a mission. And that mission is to help as many people as he can enjoy rather than endure the ever-increasing levels of change that lie ahead for everyone.

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Rich Alderton High Performance Change Specialist

The High Performance Change Programme

An integrated programme of workshops and coaching sessions that raise people’s change intelligence by helping them get out of their own way. They can then see the significant personal benefits that accrue from embracing change.

Keynote Speaking

Rich is a highly experienced presenter, blending his practical knowledge, observations and ideas with a challenging, humorous, and sometimes irreverent approach, which audiences find both highly relevant and entertaining.

Executive mentoring

Rich has walked a mile in the shoes of those he mentors. He has the empathy and credibility to help senior executives become the leaders they aspire to be.


Wth roles including multi-national CEO, global head of supply chain, and director appointments in Europe and Australasia, Rich brings a wealth of diverse experience to advise leaders on strategy, operations, leadership development, and organisational agility.

The high performance change model

The High Performance Change Model explains what Change Intelligence (CQ) is and how it works. It’s founded on a simple principle: those who embrace change are progressing, and those who don’t are regressing. The model identifies 6 levels of Change Intelligence, and users can judge for themselves a) their current level, and b) the level they need to attain. Each level is logically linked to the levels above and below it, and whilst multiple levels can be experienced concurrently, it is likely that there will be one emotional state that will dominate.

The CQ scale is for illustrative purposes only, designed to indicate that Change Intelligence is an exponential journey, not linear. For example, the performance levels of those who learn to control their fears or embrace freedom are leagues ahead of those who don’t.

progressing Freedom Change is wanted because it gives the freedom to act +64
Belonging Change is wanted because its purpose unites people +16
Value Change is wanted, and is seen as a chance to succeed +4
regressing Doubt Change is wanted, but is seen as a chance to fail -4
Anxiety Change is unwanted, and passively resisted -16
Fear Change is unwanted, and actively resisted -64