Mental Wellbeing through Adaptability

Preparing your people for the planned change of projects does not give them the skills needed to prepare them for unplanned change that is rapidly becoming the norm. That development gap is resulting in more stress, less engagement, and lower productivity, just when you need to go up a gear.

The key to this issue is Adaptability. It supercharges mental wellbeing by unlocking people’s ability to enjoy change rather than endure it.

The problem is that even leaders believe that their relationship with change is fixed in stone (probably because it feels it’s been that way for as long as they can remember). It is however entirely possible for anyone to develop their adaptability – and the High Performance Change programme helps them do more than just believe that.

Rich has combined 25+ years of leading change in some of the world’s most innovative organisations with key scientific theories to create a leadership programme that improves mental wellbeing AND develops a culture of adaptability.

Those who can adapt win their future. So if you want to win yours, give Rich a call, and start your leaders on the journey that will give them the skillset and mindset to embrace an increasingly uncertain future.

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What we do

The High Performance Change Programme

An integrated programme of workshops and coaching sessions that raise people’s adaptability intelligence by helping them get out of their own way. They can then see the significant personal benefits that accrue from embracing change.

Keynote Speaking

Rich is a highly experienced presenter, blending his practical knowledge, observations and ideas with a challenging, humorous, and sometimes irreverent approach, which audiences find both highly relevant and entertaining.

Executive coaching

Rich has walked a mile in the shoes of those he coaches. He has the empathy and credibility to help senior executives become the leaders they aspire to be.


Wth roles including multi-national CEO, global head of supply chain, and director appointments in Europe and Australasia, Rich brings a wealth of diverse experience to advise leaders on strategy, operations, leadership development, and organisational agility.

HR Services

HR Auditing

This involves a comprehensive review of your current systems, review against current legal requirements and best practice, identifying risk areas and advice on closing the gap.

General HR Advice and Guidance

On policies, contracts, procedures, handbooks etc.

Recruitment and Selection

Advice on all aspects of the recruitment and selection process adapted to most appropriately support your business.

Performance Development Programs

Guidance on performance management and development through the employee life cycle.

Organisational Development

Supporting the most appropriate organisational change and development to support your business and its people.

Employee Relations

Support and guidance in dealing with any issues that arise during employment.

The Adaptability Model

The Adaptability Model is a highly practical and proven roadmap to mastering adaptability. It takes the road less travelled, by approaching change not as a business process, but as a form of intelligence. 4 levels of Adaptability Intelligence are identified, each with a set of either
a) antidotes to combat the reasons people resist change (Regressing), or
b) stimulants to boost the reasons they embrace it (Progressing).
As they progress through the levels, users build a set of personal ‘superpowers’ that combine to create an adaptable mindset.

Level Reaction to Change Super Power
Progressing Freedom I could make all the difference Self-Actualisation
Value I could make a difference Self-Esteem
Regressing Anxiety I could be threatened Self-Assurance
Fear I am threatened Self-Control